FAQ’s – Parents

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Can I leave feedback? Yes see below:

Feedback Form

Can I give permission for you to share some images on social media?
Yes you can, thank you.  Click on this link.

I would like to recommend you to a nursery, can I?
Yes, of course.  Please send me an email with the name and location of the nursery so I can contact them once you have recommended me.  You may be entitled to a referral fee if I am running an offer.

Do you pay commission to the nursery/school?
Yes a percentage of my sales goes back to the nursery/school.

How many times a year do you take pictures at the nursery/school?
Up to 3 times.  I usually attend in the Spring and again in the Autumn/Winter.  I can also attend in the Summer to photograph the children graduating (nurseries only).

Can I see more examples of your nursery/school photography?
Of course, click here to see my gallery.

Are you DBS (CRB) checked?
Yes, both myself and my assistant are.

Do you do other photography apart from Nurseries & Schools?
I am currently focusing all my attention on Nursery & School Photography.

Can we bring siblings along to have photos taken, even if they don’t attend the nursery?
We will try to accommodate younger or older siblings where possible if the time permits and the nursery give permission, however please note we have the facilities to take pictures of children from 3 months old.  Newborn babies (0-3months) require specific support, and can only be photographed if their sibling is holding them.  Our priority is to photograph the children who attend the nursery or school.  (Please note this is not an option in schools).

My child does not normally attend on the day you are booked, can we come along?
Yes, please advise the nursery if you are attending, they may be booking time slots.  We usually have a parent time slot, this will be advertised on the posters displayed. (Nurseries only)
Please note we advise that initially your child is brought in by a member of staff.  If they do not settle, we will invite you in the room.  When you arrive please ask a member of staff to bring your child in first.

Can I photograph or film/video the photo session?
No, you are not permitted to photograph or film the photo session, the nurseries, pre-schools and schools have a strict no phone policy in place.

What to wear?
We suggest that your child wears something they feel comfortable in.  Things to avoid are bright neon colours, such as fluorescent yellows, pinks and greens and tops with lots of text.  We find dungarees often ride up, covering the child’s face/neck, and mini skirts or short dresses also ride up, showing nappies or tights so please be aware of this when you are choosing outfits.   Please pack a spare outfit incase their clothes get dirty during play at nursery.  Please note if you have specific requirements for your child’s hair, please advise the staff so they can pass this on to us.

Can my child wear shoes for their photo session?
In most cases we will ask the staff to remove the children’s shoes for the photo to ensure your child’s outfit remains clean, avoiding dirt from the other children’s shoes, to avoid just seeing the sole of the shoe in the photo and to keep the backdrop as clean as possible for the photo.  If you have any specific requirements, please make the staff aware.

When will I be able to view my photos?
The photos will be available to view online in up to 3-5 working days from the photo session.

I have some questions about online ordering, can you help?
Please click here for more FAQs about online ordering.  Or contact me jo@joneville.com with your question/s.

Do you have any more photographs of my child?
No, this is the selection provided.

When will I receive my photographs?
Nursery Delivery – Batch Order (Free Delivery) – Delivery is usually 10-14 days after the order deadline.
Direct Delivery – To a specified address (Postage charges apply) – You can place an order to receive your images sooner, this may take up to 10 days for delivery (Usually quicker).

What is the quality of the prints?
Your photos are printed at a professional photographic lab, using high quality Fuji Crystal paper.

I missed the deadline, can I still order? (Late orders)
Yes, please place your order online, postage charges will apply. (Please be aware your photos may have an archive date).

I’ve lost my access card, can I still place an order?
Yes, however you will be required to ask the nursery to email me with your request.

Do you take cash or cheque payments?
No, I only accept payments via the online ordering system, you can pay via debit or credit card.

Who owns the copyright on the photos?
Jo Neville Photography owns the copyright. Photographs (prints) may not be copied or scanned in accordance with the 1988 Copyright Act. However, if the image is bought in digital format, you have a license to print the images for personal use.

Do you offer canvas options or passport photo size?
This is not something I offer, however you can purchase the original digital image/s to obtain these options yourself.  (See below).

Do you sell the digital versions of the images instead or as well as prints?
Yes, please email me with your enquiry.  I can send any purchased high resolution digital images via We Transfer. Discounts available if you purchase all images.  Please contact me for pricing.  Digital images start from £12 each. (Please note group photos cannot be purchased as a digital image due to Data Protection). (Digital images are the high resolution original image, giving you permission to produce unlimited prints at any size and has been set at lower than the cost of my average print price).

I think I may have received the wrong order, what can I do?
If you think there has been an error with your order, please email me with your query and access card number, along with a picture of all the images you have received so I can review your order.

I don’t like my photographs, what do I do?
You are not obliged to buy any of the photographs.  All feedback welcome.